Five civilians wounded in Saudi Arabia after Houthi attack on Jazan

This is the second air attack on the kingdom this week by Iran-backed Yemeni rebels

A projectile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels at Saudi Arabia wounded five civilians in the southern city of Jazan on Tuesday, state media reported, in the latest attack on the kingdom by the Iran-backed militia.

The Civil Defence said that the projectile damaged shops and houses, as well as causing casualties.

Three of the wounded were Saudis and two were Yemeni residents. All were taken to hospital for medical attention, state-run SPA news agency reported.

Two houses, a supermarket and three cars were damaged by the shrapnel from the projectile.

It is the latest in a string of attacks by the Yemeni rebels on Saudi Arabia. Missiles were intercepted by air defences on Saturday night.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition fighting to restore the internationally recognised government in Yemen said it was able to down the ballistic missiles before they hit Riyadh, as well as the five explosive rigged drones fired by the Houthis.

Another drone was intercepted on Sunday morning.

"These acts of aggression to deliberately and systematically target civilians and civilian objects by the terrorist Houthi militia amount to war crimes," coalition spokesman Col Turki Al Malki said at the time.

Last month, the Houthis fired rockets and drones at Abha Airport in south-west Saudi Arabia on several occasions, damaging a plane in one attack.

The US, France and the UK as well as others have condemned the attacks on Saudi Arabia, and Washington last month vowed to help the kingdom strengthen air defences.

The US military also held training drills on counter-drone measures with Saudi forces last month as part of joint operations.