Young Saudis find new ways to give back on National Day

Seventh Neighbour project emphasises how people should care for those close to them

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Young Saudis celebrated the kingdom's 91st National Day in a unique way to honour the legacy and traditions of their culture.

Some gave back by volunteering in their neighbourhoods.

Khutwat Khair, a Saudi volunteering group in Riyadh, and Diriyah Gate Development Authority launched a campaign called Seventh Neighbour, with the slogan "From Diriyah to all of Saudi Arabia".

Group member Hala Alkhamis told The National that the aim was to "emphasise that people should to get to know each other and care for their neighbours".

Sponsored by Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the project involved 5,000 gift boxes being distributed in cities around the kingdom.

"It was an amazing experience. The best part of it was knocking on people's doors and to see the joy on their faces while accepting gifts and how excited they were to participate in the campaign," said Hala.

Live to Give, a Saudi volunteering group in Jeddah, was chosen to carry out the distribution in the city.

"It is essentially reviving the sunnah (way of living) of Prophet Mohammed, in the way he cared for neighbours, and we mark the occasion by putting that into practice through exchanging gifts on the occasion of Saudi National Day in various neighbourhoods around the city," says Wid Enani, founder of Live to Give.

Live to Give received 150 engraved wooden gift boxes which it filled with gift items including the national flag, a greeting card and goodies.

"We contacted local sponsors here including Elate, a cafe which agreed to join in. We added cold brew coffee, cookies and snacks," said Ms Enani, who distributed boxes in Al Balad, the historical area of Jeddah, and in her neighbourhood.

"Once you received the box, you will find a bar code inside which you scan and it takes you to the video where you learn about the campaign. Basically you fill up the box with new gifts and give it to your neighbour."

It is hoped that the campaign will mean more neighbours get to know each other and "pay it forward", said Ms Enani.

Updated: September 23, 2021, 3:30 PM