Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian companies join Desertec

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Map courtesy of the Desertec Industrial Initiativ

that the

(Dii) was still waiting for energy firms from the MENA region to join up. This month, I am delighted to be proved wrong.

The Desertec initiative was founded last year by 13 signatories, not 12, writes Alexander Mohanty, the head of communication for Dii. The Algerian Cevital Group was the firm I had missed.

Furthermore, on March 22, the Moroccan company

joined Dii, along with Red Electrica de Espana, France's Saint Gobain and Italy's Enel. A Tunisian company also joined at that time, which Mr Mohanty now identifies as STEG Renouvelables, the renewable energy unit of the Tunisian state utility


Mr Mohanty also reports that Dii has grown to 17 shareholders and 25 associated partners, of which the US company First Solar is one.

This is good news indeed for world's most ambitious solar intiative, as it needs to build momentum to succeed. But it is only to be expected that this will take some time.

To continue its momentum-building efforts, Desertec is holding its

next month, in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Would it be too much to hope for Morocco to host the next one?