Album review: Abdullah Al Ruwaished – Tesalam Aleik

Album cover of Tesalam Aleik by Abdullah Al Ruwaished
Album cover of Tesalam Aleik by Abdullah Al Ruwaished

Tesalam Aleik

Abdullah Al Ruwaished


The title of Abdullah Al Ruwaished’s new album can be translated to a greeting in the form of: “Checking up on you."

It is rather apt in a way, because the veteran Kuwaiti singer is such a live drawcard across the Gulf and has such a wealth of hits that a new album seems unnecessary.

But Tesalam Aleik shows Al Ruwaished's ongoing love for his craft, with that smooth tenor of his in fine form.

Perhaps in acknowledgment to today’s music sensibilities, the 56-year-old has limited his penchant for sprawling orchestral numbers for a more-streamlined approach.

But not too much has changed in the mix. The title track moves from a delicate piano intro to a mid-tempo Khaleeji groove.

The album highlight is the enchanting ballad Tabi Taaref – the deeply romantic lyrics prove why Al Ruwaished has been viewed as one the Gulf’s favourite romantic crooners for decades.

Published: July 19, 2017 07:26 PM