Just Stop Oil activist thrown to ground by passer-by during London march

Metropolitan Police discourage public intervention in protests after man forcefully confronts demonstrators near the Tower of London

A bystander confronts Just Stop Oil protesters, snatching banners and pushing a woman to the ground near the Tower of London. Photo: Just Stop Oil / Twitter
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A Just Stop Oil protest in central London turned confrontational when a passer-by threw a female activist to the ground.

The incident, which occurred on Mansell Street near the Tower of London, was caught on camera and circulated on social media.

The man's actions, initially focused on trying to remove the group's banners, escalated to pushing the woman and attempting to disperse the demonstrators from blocking traffic.

The man was also seen confiscating a phone from a protester and discarding it.

As the woman regained her composure, the Metropolitan Police urged the public not to engage directly with protests.

While acknowledging the frustration and anger that slow-moving road protests might cause, the police requested patience and assured prompt response to such incidents.

Just Stop Oil responded to the incident, empathising with the public's frustration while pointing to the broader global context of climate crises, including extreme weather events in Italy and Somalia, to justify their disruption.

They maintained that their goal is to prevent further licensing for oil, gas, and coal, arguing these contribute to such worldwide disruptions.

Updated: May 19, 2023, 2:04 PM