Coronavirus: What are people doing now that Europe’s lockdowns are lifting?

People have been rallying against governments - and dressing up as superheroes

As the coronavirus lockdown eases across Europe, people have been quick to make the most of their new-found freedom.

Some have attempted to go back to their usual routines while others have got more creative.

Some have even taken to wearing super-hero costumes. In Spain, a father has dressed up as different cartoon characters to match his daughter as a way to make trips outside more exciting. The pair wore costumes including Batman and Wonder Woman, Belle and the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and characters from the popular animation series DragonBall Z.

As restrictions lift, residents of a retirement home in the French village of La Riche have been treated to a display of llamas during a show by artists of the Sebastien Zavatta circus, who came to perform exclusively for them.

In Italy, people have been eating pizza al fresco and getting haircuts once again at barbershops.

Meanwhile in Spain, videos have appeared online of outdoor fitness classes on the beaches of Barcelona, including of sun-seekers lunging and weight lifting, as well as people back on their skateboards.

Others have taken to political activism. In the Spanish capital, Madrid, thousands have been protesting against the government of Pedro Sanchez, calling for the prime minister to resign. Activists claim the government has seized on the coronavirus pandemic to rule “by decree”.

Others across the continent have been demonstrating against draconian lockdown measures. Rallies have taken place in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and other cities in Germany, though there were also counter protests supporting Chancellor Angela Merkel’s measures as well.

In the UK, the social distancing measures have renewed interest in golf, the centuries-old non-contact sport. The game has been adapted for a post-coronavirus world requiring players to keep two metres apart.