Russian soldier who 'didn't see point in war' surrenders and offers tank to Ukrainians

The fighter laid down arms after his two comrades fled back to Russia

A Russian soldier surrenders because he 'didn't see the point in war'. Photo: Facebook/Victor Andrusiv
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A Russian soldier laid down his weapons and offered a T-72B3 tank to the Ukrainian military in exchange for more than $10,000 because he “didn’t see the point in war”, authorities in Kyiv said.

The member of the invading forces deserted the Red Army after his two crewmates fled and returned to Russia and his commanding officer threatened to shoot him.

Victor Andrusiv, Ukraine's minister of internal affairs, posted a photo on Facebook showing a soldier lying face down on the ground near a tank, while another soldier points a gun at him.

The soldier, known as “Misha”, phoned Ukrainian police to arrange to meet them after authorities had sent messages to Russian soldiers with information about how to surrender, Mr Andrusiv said. He will have the chance to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, authorities said.

Members of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps prepare a howitzer, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues. Reuters

Misha’s account adds to reports suggesting morale among Russian soldiers in Ukraine has hit rock-bottom.

“A few days ago, Misha called us,” Mr Andrusiv said, adding he “didn’t see the point of war”.

“We handed over the information about him to the [Ukrainian military intelligence],” he said.

“Misha said that there was almost no food left, military management is chaotic and practically absent. Demoralisation is colossal ... The Russians are giving up!”

The soldier will be kept under watch for the rest of the war in “comfortable conditions with a TV, phone, kitchen and shower,” Mr Andrusiv said.

"He will also receive $10,000 (£7,633) after the war and the opportunity to apply for citizenship."

The handover was arranged by Ukrainian special forces who used a drone fitted with a camera to detect any signs of a possible ambush.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has been stalled due to logistical problems and a lack of food supplies for soldiers, reports suggest.

Earlier this month Ukrainian troops claimed to have captured a KamAZ armoured vehicle fitted with a kitchen where meals for troops had been cooked. Just three ingredients were found in the kitchen – onions, potatoes and jars of pickles.

By contrast Ukraine's troops have reportedly been supported across the country by households providing fresh food from their kitchens, despite privations caused by the war.

Updated: March 29, 2022, 1:16 PM