Injured monkey turns up at Indian clinic seeking medical help

Doctor says female and her baby were given first aid

A monkey and her baby sought medical attention at Dr Syed Mumtaz Ahmed's clinic. Photos: Dr Syed Mumtaz Ahmed
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An injured monkey surprised staff and patients at a clinic in India’s eastern Bihar state by seeking medical help.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening, when Dr Syed Mumtaz Ahmed from Sasaram was in consultation with a patient.

The injured female monkey, with her offspring clinging to her chest, rushed inside his clinic, the doctor said.

Dr Ahmed said he and his patient were startled by the sudden visitor, and a close examination showed the animal had wounds on its face.

“The door was open when suddenly this monkey came inside. We all were scared but remained calm so as not to scare away or agitate the monkey,” Dr Ahmed told The National.

“After a few minutes, she gained confidence and jumped on the patient’s chair. I saw she had wounds on face and head and the baby had injuries on her leg.”

Dr Ahmed gave the monkey a tetanus injection and put ointment on her wounds. He also gave first aid treatment to the baby.

Throughout the process, the monkey patiently rested on the bed, he said.

Dr Ahmed said the monkey was "calmer than a human baby".

“She was calmer than a human baby. She didn’t flinch even for a second — as if she was waiting for treatment,” Dr Ahmed said.

“She rested at the clinic for about an hour. At one point she even rested on the patient table.”

The visit was recorded on camera.

In the video, Dr Ahmed can be seen giving medicine to the monkey as patients and staff look on.

In another clip, the monkey can be seen resting on a bench as she feeds her baby.

Dr Ahmed’s gesture earned him praise on social media.

“I looked at the monkey as a patient and fulfilled my duties,” he said.

Updated: June 12, 2022, 9:06 AM