Afghan photographer uses a kamra-e-faoree - in pictures

Haji Mirzaman demonstrates how to use Afghan camera box

Afghan photographer Haji Mirzaman uses a homemade wooden box camera, known as a kamra-e-faoree, at his home in Kabul.

Mr Mirzaman was just a teenager when he started taking photos using a homemade wooden box camera in his cousin's studio in downtown Kabul.

Mr Mirzaman, now in his 70s, says the kamra-e-faoree - or instant camera as it is known in Dari - has survived wars, invasions and a Taliban ban on photography, but is now in danger of disappearing because of digital technology.

Mr Mirzaman develops a portrait picture of a man.

The image of a man posing for a picture is reflected inside the homemade wooden box camera.

Mr Mirzaman checks the processed pictures.

Afghan photographer Haji Mirzaman holds negatives.

An eye for detail is needed when processing the photographs.

Mr Mirzaman takes a snap of a boy with his kamra-e-faoree on a sidewalk in Kabul.

Updated: November 23rd 2021, 11:38 AM