Solar power illuminating lives: Senegal's journey towards sustainable energy

How local communities are being lit up by solar power

Sunlight Empowerment: Illuminating Futures in Senegal

Sunlight Empowerment: Illuminating Futures in Senegal
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Solar power is lighting up the heart of Senegal thanks to a project that is revolutionising the nation's energy landscape.

The cities of Kaolack and Kael have widely adopted the use of solar panels that can generate up to 44 megawatts of power to help solve energy problems in the region.

Not only does the use of the panels provide a solution to the lack of available electricity, it is also helping to drive the region towards cleaner and renewable energy sources.

“This project will directly benefit 540,000 people in Senegal,” said Jeylani Diop, chief executive of Solarsen.

The company takes the solar power that is generated and transfers it to Senelac, Senegal's primary power distributor.

The overall result is that power cuts are decreasing while the electricity supply is more abundant, promising a brighter future for Senegal's residents.

Solar plants already produce 3 per cent of Senegal's total energy consumption.

The project is part of the Scaling Solar scheme, funded by the International Finance Corporation, which aims to drive a shift towards greener, more sustainable electricity production in Senegal.

Solar Senegal: Illuminating Hope for a Sustainable Future

Solar Senegal: Illuminating Hope for a Sustainable Future

The advent of solar power has helped to make life a lot easier for people in Kaolack and Kael.

One person who has benefitted directly is Kaolack resident Oumoul Faye, who has opened a currency exchange.

“Before the power plant installation, untimely power cuts were constant,” she said.

“Now our economy thrives, as we have a reliable electricity supply.”

Kael Mayor El Hadja Ba praised the project and spoke of its success in helping to power mill machines for residents, as well as providing power to hospitals.

As solar energy illuminates Senegal, it ushers in an era of change – one that not only powers homes but also lights up lives, propelling the nation towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Updated: November 20, 2023, 10:02 AM