UAE Friday sermon: During Ramadan, fast with the intention to excel

Worshippers will be told in the Friday sermon that one has to fast with the intention to excel in fulfilling that obligation.

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Muslims will be advised in the sermon on Friday on how to best invest their time during Ramadan to gain the maximum benefits possible.

First, one has to fast with the intention to excel in fulfilling that obligation, the sermon says.

“And by praying taraweeh (optional night prayers), as it is a sunnah that Allah’s Prophet, peace be upon him, started,” the sermon says. “And whoever is keen on praying taraweeh should look forward to great rewards and forgiveness.”

The sermon cites a hadith by Prophet Mohammed that says whoever prays during the nights of Ramadan with good faith and seeking Allah’s rewards will have his sins forgiven.

“And we should invest the time in Ramadan practising remembrance of Allah, obedience and worship,” the sermon continues.

Another Ramadan sunnah that worshippers could follow is having suhoor – the meal that those fasting have before dawn.

“And at that time it is favourable to ask Allah for forgiveness,” according to the sermon.

Investing in the daytime in Ramadan is also vital. The sermon recommends starting a fasting day by praying dawn prayers with a group, because this has higher merits.

“And then he heads to work feeling active and proactive, acts patient with the difficulties of work, as Ramadan teaches us to be patient and have strong endurance,” the sermon says. “And this is the positive value of fasting.”

It is also recommended to break the fast with water and dates, because “this is better for the body”.

Breaking the fast with family members, and visiting relatives afterwards, is also highly recommended.