New metro-linked bus station opens in Dubai

The Oud Metha terminus has space to park 350 vehicles and can handle 10,000 passengers daily

A new bus station near the Oud Metha Metro stop in Dubai is now open.

The Roads and Transport Authority expects 10,000 passengers to use the facility each day in what is a densely populated neighbourhood busy with schools, community clubs and businesses.

The RTA described it as a model station, as it includes parking for 350 vehicles and will serve 40 buses operating on eight routes across Dubai.

The station is 300 metres from Oud Metha Metro station, where taxis are available.

The multi-level parking has 23 bicycle racks, nine parking places for buses, 11 spots for out-of-service buses, taxi stands and zones for picking up and dropping off passengers.

“The construction of stations for public bus riders complements the efforts of RTA to upgrade public transport infrastructure and encourages people to use public transit in their daily movement,” said Mattar Al Tayer, the RTA’s director general.

“The role of the new station goes beyond the prevailing concept of commuting passengers to encompass the offer of integrated services to passengers such as car parks, bike racks and the integration with the metro and taxi services.”

The bus station also includes parking for emergency buses, rest areas for the public and drivers, a cafe, prayer rooms and retail outlets.

Oud Metha joins bus stations at Al Ghubaiba, Union, Etisalat and Al Jaliyah.

The Al Ghubaiba bus station serves the largest number of passengers per day at 15,000.

One of the objectives of transport chiefs in Dubai is to encourage more people to use the metro and buses and to integrate mass transit services.

The RTA along with the Dubai Taxi Corporation recently launched a bus rental service to transport employees, with Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Agency and Air Arabia  among the first organisations to confirm they would use the service.

About 45 buses are in operation as part of the initiative.

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