Dubai Police say two road deaths at red lights are 'two too many'

Director of traffic warns motorists that speeding to beat stop signals will result in punishment

Dubai Police say drivers must learn from traffic fatality statistics and respect the rules of the road. Photo: Dubai Police
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Dubai Police revealed this week that two people have been killed in road traffic accidents so far this year after collisions caused by jumping red traffic lights.

There were 51 accidents in the first seven months that caused two fatalities and injured 73, the force said.

Last year, an average of 90 drivers a day were caught jumping red lights in Dubai, police figures showed.

Maj Gen Saif Al Mazrouei, director of traffic at Dubai Police, said the accidents should remind motorists of the consequences of ignoring the rules of the road.

“This represents the human cost of reckless driving behaviour,” he told The National.

“Some drivers speed up as the traffic signal turns red, which results in serious accidents.”

In 2022, Dubai Police recorded 13,876 instances of drivers jumping red lights, while 855 vehicles were impounded this year for such offences.

“Jumping a red signal is the most dangerous traffic offence, especially at intersections,” Maj Gen Al Mazrouei said.

The penalty for jumping red lights under federal traffic law is a fine of Dh1,000, impounding the vehicle for 30 days, and 12 black points.

Reckless motorists who jumped traffic lights in Dubai also face a fine of Dh50,000 ($13,698) after regulations in the emirate were updated on July 6.

Traffic fines must be paid on top of the new fees, which have been introduced to release cars that have been impounded for traffic offences.

“Reckless motorists who endanger their lives and lives of others by crossing a red signal will also get 23 black points. Regulations have been set up to reduce dangerous driving in the emirate,” Maj Gen Al Mazrouei said.

There were 23 deaths, 348 traffic accidents and 211 injuries caused by jumping red lights between 2019 and 2022, according to figures released by Dubai Police.

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Updated: September 04, 2023, 12:51 PM