Cabin crew forced to restrain unruly passenger on Pakistan to Dubai flight

Pakistan International Airlines says man was tied up after he kicked a window and lay down in the aisle

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Flight attendants were forced to tie a passenger to his seat when he became unruly and kicked an aircraft window on a plane to Dubai.

Pakistan International Airlines said the incident took place shortly after take-off on Flight PK283 from Peshawar on September 14.

The Airbus A320 had about 160 passengers on board and it was after take-off that the 21-year-old began praying loudly and stretched out in the aisle.

Because he was in such a state and becoming violent, as per the rules, he was tied to his seat
Abdullah Khan, spokesman, Pakistan International Airlines

Crew members attempted to reason with him but secured him when he turned violent.

“He seemed pretty OK when he went through the check-in counters and immigration," Abdullah Khan, a spokesman for PIA, told The National.

"He had a return ticket and was going to Dubai on a visit visa.

“It was when the plane took off that he started giving azaans [call to prayer] very loudly and the crew asked him not to.

“He became agitated and then got into the aisle and lay down on his chest and said he was offering prayers.

“He was asked to sit down but then he kicked the window of the plane.

“It became very clear he was not in his right mind. And because he was in such a state and becoming violent, as per the rules, he was tied to his seat.”

The pilot then informed ground staff they would need security assistance for an unruly passenger.

“On landing in Dubai, a security team took him out. They probably analysed him and said he should be deported on the next available flight,” Mr Khan said.

The passenger, from Mardan city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, was flying to Dubai to see his father who works in the emirate.

His father accompanied him back to Pakistan when he was deported.

Airport security in Peshawar registered a report and handed him over to his family.

“A doctor checked him and diagnosed him as unstable,” Mr Khan said.

The passenger did not damage the window of the A320.

"The crew made sure there were no passengers seated near him,” Mr Khan said.

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Updated: September 19, 2022, 2:04 PM