Russian cosmonaut spots 'robot stowaways' on approaching spacecraft

Sergey Korsakov shares image of dark figures in space

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A Russian cosmonaut has shared a photo of a spacecraft that appeared to have two robot "stowaways" on board, gazing at him with their beady eyes.

Sergey Korsakov took the photo from the International Space Station on June 1, when the Progress MS-18 spacecraft left the station.

He joked that the “stowaways" were staring at the cosmonauts and astronauts as their craft made its final approach.

He tweeted: “Progress MS-18 successfully undocked and departed. But who are those stowaways watching us?”

The dark figures were really just components of the cargo spacecraft, but looked convincingly like the extra-terrestrial mutants called ‘Daleks’ from the British sci-fi TV hit Doctor Who.

Several of his followers played along with the joke, with one Twitter user, Marshaal Eubanks, saying: "Daleks. What have you done?!"

Meithan West, another user, said: “Don't let it return to Earth!”

User Dahlia replied to the tweet: “There are two little demons on the Progress!”

The Progress MS-18 spacecraft recently delivered supplies for the cosmonauts.

Mr Korsakov was launched to space on March 18, along with two other Russians, in a mission lasting six and a half months on the ISS.

This is his first time in space, and it seems "aliens" are already after Mr Korsakov.

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Updated: June 08, 2022, 7:17 AM