Man caught with marijuana denies intent to sell

Three men and two women are charged with consuming drugs, after one of them was caught with more than 100 grams of marijuana.

DUBAI // A man was charged with possessing drugs that he intended to sell, after being caught with 113.5 grams of marijuana, a Dubai court heard.

The suspect, a 24-year-old Russian, along with two other men and two women, confessed to consuming drugs when they appeared at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday morning. But he denied intending to sell the drug.

The defendants are two Russians, a Ukranian, a Frenchman and an Iranian, all between the ages of 22 and 24.

Police said they received a tip about 24-year-old Russian possessing and selling drugs. He was arrested near his home at Jumeirah Beach Residence on April 13 this year.

“He willingly said he consumed drugs and handed over what was in his possession, but he denied selling,” a 28-year-old policeman said.

“Later the same day, we arrested the other suspects, who were found in possession of some marijuana, which they said they bought from the Russian.”

A verdict is expected on August 28.

Published: August 7, 2016 04:00 AM