UAE's senior citizens can have their flu jab at home

Mobile teams from 10 health centres across the country are visiting homes to give vaccines

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , September 16 – 2020 :- Resy Hussain, Nurse giving the Flu vaccine shot to Flora Mae (patient) at the Prime Hospital in Dubai.  (Pawan Singh / The National) For News/Online. Story by Nick Webster

Health chiefs have launched a UAE-wide blitz to give senior citizens seasonal flu vaccines in their homes.

Mobile medical teams are being sent out from 10 centres across the UAE to carry out the house-to-house task.

The vaccine mission is part of the ministry's annual awareness campaign on the seasonal flu which runs until the end of January.

“Protecting the health of senior citizens comes at the top of the ministry’s priorities to effectively meet the health needs of this category within a safe and comfortable environment," said Dr Hussein Al Rand, assistant under secretary for the ministry's health centres and clinics sector.

"This category has a special place in everyone’s heart.

“The ministry’s medical teams have already begun visiting senior citizens’ homes to give them the flu shot and offer the necessary health care, taking into account all precautionary measures taken nationwide to combat Covid-19."

The ministry's awareness campaign is even more urgent this year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It is hoped that a large uptake of the seasonal flu vaccine will reduce pressure on the health sector as cases of Covid-19 remain high.

Health officials in Dubai, for example, have provided a number of medical centres where people can be vaccinated. Dubai Health Authority is offering vaccinations for Dh50 to all Dubai residents and free of charge for Emirati citizens, those aged 65 and above, children below five, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

"The seasonal flu shot is very safe, effective and helps prevent flu infection with a high success rate," said Dr Aisha Suhail, director of the ministry's primary health care department. "It is upgraded annually to provide better protection against common viruses that cause the disease every year."

People can contact the ministry at 800 11111 for more information.