Pfizer vaccine in Dubai: How to book an appointment

Doses will be available at four health centres in Dubai from Wednesday

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Dubai visa holders will receive their first dose of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine from Wednesday with senior citizens and frontline workers being given priority.

The shot is initially available only for Dubai visa holders who are 60 and older, people with chronic diseases, and frontline workers. The vaccine will not be given to people younger than 18.

First receivers of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Dubai

First receivers of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Dubai

It is available at six health centres: Zabeel Primary Health Care Centre, Al Mizhar Primary Health Care Centre, Nad Al Hamr Primary Health Care Centre, Barsha Primary Health Care Centre, Uptown Mirdif Medical Fitness Centre and Hatta Hospital.

The vaccine is free and people who meet the criteria can book an appointment by calling the Dubai Health Authority hotline at 800 342.

Residents will be asked several questions prior to inoculation, including if they are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding.

They will be asked questions about their age and existing health conditions.

Should they meet the eligibility criteria to get the vaccine in its first phase, they will be able to book an appointment.

The DHA is expected to announce the next phase of the vaccine – and when other members of the public may be able to get it – soon.

The Ministry of Health announced the emergency registration of the vaccine, which showed 95 per cent efficacy against Covid-19 during the trials, late on Tuesday.

A video released by the officials overnight shows the first containers arriving on an Emirates airline flight from Brussels.

Doses must be kept at temperatures of minus 70°C to prevent the mRNA in them – the technology used to deliver the vaccines – from breaking down.