Watch: Stunning drone footage reveals Expo 2020 Dubai site

Video pans across majestic Al Wasl Plaza and swoops over awe-inspiring pavilions

Spectacular drone footage of the Expo 2020 site has given a tantalising glimpse of what awaits people in three months.

Finishing touches are being put on structures across the site in the Dubai South area before the grand opening on October 1.

Footage shared by the Expo pans across the majestic Al Wasl Plaza, called the 'heartbeat' of the site.

The massive dome sits in the centre of three themed districts – opportunity, mobility and sustainability.

The bird’s eye view offers a glimpse of the steel rings that cover the translucent dome.

Spectacular shots of the Dubai Metro line show it snaking into the gold-winged structure of the Expo 2020 Metro Station.

The camera then swoops over the vast Dubai Exhibition Centre that will host global exhibitions and concerts throughout the six-month World Fair.

When the drone hovers high over the gigantic roof of the Sustainability Pavilion, it gets close enough to capture each of the more than 1,000 solar panels that blanket the canopy.

Viewers can count the surrounding 18 "energy trees" that tilt back as they track the sun. The unique architecture ensures the solar cells store and generate sufficient alternative electricity to cover the pavilion’s requirements throughout the Expo.

Panoramic drone shots are mixed with street-level video of what it is like to walk along the shaded pathways built across the site.

The steps leading to the amphitheatre around the mobility pavilion are tucked in the shade of three arms of the stainless steel-rimmed building.

Once the World Fair opens, visitors can rest here or watch planned demonstrations featuring hoverboards and jet packs.

The footage also provides a peek into the "opportunity pavilion" with its layered glass panes stacked on top of each other.

Little has been revealed about the site's interior but the footage shows the terracotta plaza that aims to bring people together.

Even from a distance, standout country pavilions can be seen from the UAE’s winged falcon facade, the red and yellow colours of Spain’s tall cones, the expansive window of Saudi Arabia's structure that opens to the sky and the earthy rectangular blocks of Morocco’s offerings.

The footage shared by the Expo team also gives a sneak peek of the site at night with fairy lights framing the trees and the colourful beams illuminating Al Wasl Plaza.

The Expo will launch a mobile app so residents and tourists can keep up-to-date with information about the 60 events per day, from parades to workshops and firework displays.

World Expos usually take place every five years but Expo 2020 Dubai was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic and allowed to keep its original name.

Updated: July 8th 2021, 1:41 PM