UAE weather: Forecasters warn of rain from Wednesday

Mild and sunny winter has delivered lower than usual rates of rainfall

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The UAE could be hit by much-needed rain by the end of the week.

Forecasters at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said eastern and western areas of the country could experience a spell of rainy weather.

It comes after a particularly mild winter with sunny days that have delivered lower than usual rates of rainfall.

And forecasters say the showers could even continue into the weekend.

"[It will be] partly cloudy to cloudy at times over some areas especially eastern and western areas, with a chance of rainy convective clouds by afternoon," forecasters at the NCM said.

Storm Centre, a popular UAE account that tracks the country's weather, also posted about the possibility of rain.

"Chances for good rains to fall in some parts of the country next week, and the chances of rain will continue sporadically until the end of April," it said.

The UAE recorded only 1.2 millimetres of rain in the first three months of the year, highlighting the importance of the government's long-term strategy to improve water security.

Authorities have increased efforts to conserve water resources in recent years.

The NCM's cloud-seeding programme conducts regular missions to enhance rainfall, while the use of vertical farms – which require 90 per cent less water than traditional farms – have been promoted.

According to forecast charts on, downpours are expected over much of northern Oman on Wednesday and Thursday.

Updated: April 27, 2021 11:32 AM


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