Marching bands and a ‘walk for wildlife’ in store at Al Ain Zoo

The activities are aimed at promoting the zoo's conservation efforts and at increasing awareness of protecting the UAE's natural resources.

Al Ain // A clean-up campaign, marching bands and a “walk for wildlife” are among a weekend of activities being held by Al Ain Zoo.

The initiatives will highlight the zoo’s conservation programmes and aim to increase awareness of protecting the country’s natural environment.

The line-up of events from Thursday to Saturday will conclude with Al Ain Zoo’s “Walk for Wildlife”, where visitors will be invited to participate in a two-kilometre walk around the zoo alongside an African marching band and some popular cartoon characters.

The zoo will also participate in a clean-up campaign which aims to clean Fujairah's picturesque Wadi Wurayah National Park.

Wadi Wurayah, the UAE's first national park, is home to delicate ecosystems and is a sanctuary to endangered species.

“Our participation reflects a commitment to supporting the conservation efforts, protecting natural resources and preserving endangered species at a regional and international level,” Al Ain Zoo said.

The zoo, home to an internationally important conservation programme focusing on the wildlife of the world’s arid regions, has recently celebrated 45 years of protecting some of the natural wonders of the UAE.

It is involved in conservation research, captive breeding and propagation and the reintroduction of threatened species to their wild habitats.

They are all part of celebrations to mark the country's 17th National Environment Day, which took pace earlier this month.