Lebanese hunters aim at a flock of birds in the village of Shlifa in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa valley on November 9, 2008. Lebanon is a major passage for migratory birds where hunters wait for the season to practice their sport. Hunting was banned in 1994 for five years after pressure from Western countries to protect migratory birds but the absence of regulations, the ambiguity of hunting laws, and the lack of serious law enforcement, has resulted in rampant, unregulated hunting, which led to the extinction of a number of local species. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH BARRAK / AFP PHOTO / JOSEPH BARRAK
<p>Hunters aim at a flock of birds in the Lebanese village of Shlifa. More than a 15 million bidrs are estimated to e killed annually in&nbsp;Lebanon, Italy, Egypt and Syria.Joseph Barrak / AFP</p>

How illegal bird hunting in the Arab world could drive species to extinction

James Langton