Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 30 November 2020

Early morning fog covers parts of UAE as temperature drops to 19°C in Al Ain

Abu Dhabi and Dubai will experience similar heat but capital will have much higher humidity

Parts of the UAE were blanketed in fog early on Monday, as forecasters issued a warning of poor visibility.

In Raknah, in the east, the temperature was just 19.7°C at 6am.

Temperatures were slow to climb in places because of the patches of dense fog, which affected areas of Abu Dhabi and parts of Dubai.

The fog was expected to lift by about 9.30am, leaving a clear and sunny day.

However, temperatures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not expected to break the 40°C barrier.

Abu Dhabi is forecast to reach a high of 38°C and low of 26°C, while Dubai temperatures will be between 28°C and 39°C.

Humidity in Abu Dhabi could peak at 85 per cent but Dubai is expected to be less stifling with 75 per cent forecast, but both will experience unbroken sunshine.

Some clouds will appear by the afternoon and into the evening in eastward parts of the UAE, and a humid Tuesday morning lies in wait over some coastal areas.

There is also the likelihood of mist.

Updated: October 5, 2020 11:30 AM

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