School fees in Abu Dhabi: Repton offers discounts of up to 50 per cent to new pupils

Discount applicable only in the first term the children join the school, normal fee will be charged after that

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October  21, 2020.   Al Reem Island for area guide.  Repton School Abu Dhabi.
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A school in Abu Dhabi is offering fee discounts of up to 50 per cent for one term to new pupils.

Repton Abu Dhabi will give rebates to new pupils from foundation stage to Year 13, the school announced on Sunday.

The discount will be applicable only in the first term the children join the school and the normal fee will be charged after that.

The school launched an AI platform on Sunday that will use an algorithm to offer customised discounts to parents.

Discounts will depend on the availability of places and will be calculated on historical and projected enrolment data. Parents will pay on a pro-rata basis.

Marion Henriot, chief operating officer at Repton schools said: “The platform assesses each inquiry in real time to make sure we offer our new parents the best value proposition available.

“We looked at different variables to tailor how much parents pay when they join.

“We are used to people moving in throughout the year and can offer special discounts that are customised for families.”

Fees at the school range from Dh61,000 for Year 2 to Dh74,000 in Year 13.

Ms Henriot said she hoped the discounts would ease the transition for families moving to the UAE.

Children can also join classes remotely.

"We would love to roll out this programme at our schools in Dubai if we get positive feedback," Ms Henriot said.

More than 300 new pupils joined the school this term, while more than 1,500 pupils are enrolled at the school.