Coronavirus: UAE officials carry out more than 1,200 school safety checks

Inspections conducted before schools reopened for the new academic year

The Ministry of Education carried out 1,293 field inspections at schools in the country to ensure their compliance with Covid-19 safety rules.

The safety checks were carried out before schools reopened for the new academic year.

Officials inspected 792 public schools, 326 private schools, 132 nurseries and 43 higher education institutions. Another 1,160 virtual visits were completed.

The Ministry officials also attended more than 18,000 online classes and monitored 2,352 online tests taken by pupils and students.

On August 15, the ministry set out protocols, requirements and precautions to be followed by schools and universities during the pandemic.

Each emirate had its own list of rules that schools had to follow to keep pupils and staff safe.