Book reading at the beach proves a hit with children

A beachside event that aimed to encouraged young people to read no matter where they are attracted dozens of children and families to Umm Al Quwain Kite Beach

Children at the National Competency Foundation event “Reading is the Gate of Creativity” Umm Al Qwain Corniche. Dunbcan Chard for the National
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UMM AL QUWAIN// A beachside event in the emirate aimed at encouraging youngsters to read, no matter where they are, attracted dozens of children and their families.

Fifty children, aged from five to 14, took part in the A Story At The Beach held at UAQ Kite Beach Centre yesterday.

It was organised by The National Competencies Foundation, which wants to raise awareness among children about the role of reading and to show them that they can read wherever they are.

“It aims to make them aware of how reading is important and to show them how to use reading practically through workshops and to let them know that reading is everywhere and all the time,” said Hedaya Al Ali, an Emirati organiser.

Participants were not limited to reading but also enjoyed drawing, colouring and handicrafts, such as making dolls, while competitions revealed their talents and improved their skills.

Tala Mohammed, a Palestinian Grade 4 pupil, came from Ajman with her grandmother because she loves reading.

“I liked the idea of reading at the beach. I am a reading lover as I read everyday before I go to sleep – two stories because it is beneficial, enjoyable and entertaining,” the 9-year-old said.

Fatima Bakheet, a Grade 3 student, attended with her sisters and took part in the handicrafts and reading workshops.

“I loved handicrafts and I made a basket for candies,” said the 8-year-old.

“We should always read because reading makes us smart, good readers and have new information. Every Friday, I do read a story about zoology, science or space. These are my favourite kinds of books.”

Hashim Mahmoud, a Jordanian Grade 1 pupil, said he went to the event with his mother and siblings when he knew there were books for children. “My mother teaches me reading, and she reads two stories a day about animals for me because I love animals,” the 6-year-old said.

Hashim’s sister Dina, 9, said reading at the beach attracted her because she reads at home and school.

“My teacher told us about the event. I liked the idea of holding a story book and reading it while sitting at the beach in front of the sea,” said the Grade 4 student.