Dubai police honour man for thwarting robbery

Police cited the man's courage in helping another motorist who was being robbed of Dh320,000 after an incident with his tyre.

DUBAI // Shanwas Al Abidin was honoured by Dubai Police on Wednesday for catching a thief in the act.

A representative of a company in Al Qusais Industrial Area had withdrawn Dh320,000 from a bank and was driving when he heard his tyre blow. He called his company director to send someone to check the car. At that moment, a suspect snatched the envelope filled with bills from the hands of the representative and fled.

Mr Al Abidin was driving by at the same time and witnessed the event. He followed the accused, blocked his way and got out of his car to catch him with the help of the victim who also pursued the suspect. The men were able to keep the thief in place while waiting for the police to arrive.

Mr Al Abidin, an Indian, was honoured during a news conference held at Al Qusais Police Station by Col Dr Adil Al Suwaidi. He praised Mr. Al Abidin’s heroic act and urged the public to make sure that no one is following them when they withdraw money from ATMs, to watch out for people trying to distract them with funny moves and to avoid leaving large amounts of money in their vehicles. He also warned against using internal streets and alleys, helping out people who ask to exchange currency or accepting assistance from people who offer to help fix a presumed defect in their vehicles.

Any suspicious activity should be reported by calling 999 or 800243.

Mr Al Abidin thanked the Dubai Police General Command represented by Al Qusais Police Station, and said such an honour would motivate him to collaborate with the police in the future.

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM