Driver who tried to blackmail friend into sex using naked video jailed

Pakistani who said he would post naked video of Filipina online if she did not have sex with him gets six months behind bars.

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DUBAI // A driver who threatened to post a video of his friend naked on the internet if she did not have sex with him was jailed for six months.

The woman, a 27-year-old Filipina, told Dubai Criminal Court she was with Pakistani G K, 36, in his car one night last year when they drove from Sharjah to a flat in Al Qusais, where one of his friends lived.

Records show that the pair started getting intimate. She got undressed but, moments later, the defendant’s friends arrived and yelled at them.

She put her clothes back on and the Pakistani spoke to his friends before coming back and asking her to have sex with him. She refused.

“He then touched me and, when I tried to walk away from him, he said he took a recording of me naked and that he would post it online if I didn’t sleep with him.”

She promised him they would have sex the next day but then started ignoring his calls until he sent her a text message that read: “OK, done”, to suggest that he had posted the video.

The woman got scared and reported him to police. In February, G K denied a sexual assault charge in court.

He was sentenced to six months’ prison to be followed by deportation.