UAE court orders compensation claim for men injured in deadly bootlegging brawl

The two men had asked for Dh1.5 million in compensation for the injuries they allegedly sustained in the 2009 fatal brawl in which 17 Indian men killed a Pakistani.

Dubai // Two men injured during a brawl in which a Pakistani was killed by 17 Indian men are to share Dh100,000 compensation.

They had asked for Dh1.5 million for the injuries they claimed to have sustained in the fatal fight in 2009.

“The Sharjah Civil Court has ordered a Dh100,000 compensation instead of the Dh1.5m,” said Bindu Suresh Chettur, the lawyer representing the 17 men. “The decision was made based on merit and there were several issues with documents, such as some not being properlyy attested.”

The men have already paid Dh3.4m in blood money to the family of their Pakistani victim. The payout allowed them to escape the capital punishment originally ordered.

But they have remained in prison because of a travel ban imposed by the court, ordered while the Dh1.5m compensation case continued.

Thursday’s verdict could mean the 17 men will soon be released, but it has yet to be confirmed.

“We have the compensation money but the next step is to file a request to remove the travel ban. Even though they paid the money, they have a travel ban enforced on them because of this compensation claim,” said Mrs Chettur. The removal of the ban is a technicality, but the verdict can be appealed within a month, she said.