Four charged in Dh6 million robbery

Three men broke into villa and a woman fenced the stolen items, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two visitors and a salesman face charges of stealing items worth Dh6 million from a Bahraini man’s villa in October last year, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard this morning.

Prosecutors charged MK, 38, salesman from Senegal; and OS, 42, and ED, 34, both visitors from Guinea, with breaking into a villa in the Jumeirah 3 area after they forced open the front door early on October 8, 2010. A fourth defendant, FT, 34, is accused of taking the stolen items and trying to sell them.

The three men allegedly stole two safes from one of the bedrooms, but failed to carry a bigger third safe and dropped it on the floor, records said.

The owner of the villa, TY, a 40-year-old businessman, testified that he left the country with his wife in September, and when he returned on October 11, he discovered the safes, which held items worth Dh6m, were stolen from the main bedroom.

He said MK, OS and ED took jewellery and watches from drawers.

A Dubai police captain said investigations showed the thieves used a rented Mitsubishi Pajero, and after tracking down the vehicle they found fingerprints that belonged to MK.

All three defendants left the country on the day of the theft, records said.

According to records, other thefts carried out the same way were reported to police in the same area.

Prosecutors said that on November 10, one month after the theft, the three defendants returned to the country and were arrested on arrival. Some of the stolen items were found in their possession.

Their fingerprints matched those taken from the crime scene, records show.

The three men told investigators they had given the stolen items to FT to sell them. She denied the charges

in court this morning.

Prosecutors said MK confessed to climbing the villa’s wall with the two other men, opening the door with a screwdriver and stealing the safes. They said MK paid construction workers to help him open the safes after claiming he had lost the keys.

The court scheduled the next hearing for April 4 to provide a French translator to question the defendants.