'Fake dentist who used anaesthetic on Dubai patients' to stand trial

Man and assistant set up the unlicensed business in a residential building in Bur Dubai, prosecutors say.

A man will stand trial for practicing medicine without a licence, said a Dubai public prosecutor on Sunday.

According to Bur Dubai prosecutor Mitra Ibrahim Madani, two Asians operated a dentistry clinic, one of them working as a dentist while the other was assisting and taking appointments.

The fake dentist will be charged at Dubai Court of Misdemeanours with practising medicine without a licence and possessing medical equipment without a licence. His assistant will face a charge of aiding and abetting.

The pair were arrested after a complaint was raised with the anti-economic crimes department at Dubai Police regarding a dentist clinic in a residential building in Bur Dubai.

“After an arrest warrant was obtained, the dentist was caught red-handed treating a patient. His assistant was also apprehended,” said Ms Madani.

During questioning the fake dentist told prosecutors that he had worked as an assistant to a dentist between 2009 and 2015 then decided to rent an apartment and turn it into a clinic after agreeing with the co-accused to help him advertise and set appointments.

“He worked on Fridays only and received up to five patients. He ran the clinic for almost a year before being caught,” said Ms Madani.

The man admitted travelling to his home country every two months to bring back equipment and medicine needed for the clinic, she added. He also confessed to using anaesthetic injections on patients.

The co-accused admitted working as an assistant store stockist at a trading company before starting work with the fake dentist three months before his arrest. “I was paid Dh100 a week,” he told prosecutors.

They have now been referred to court to face charges.

Published: August 6, 2017 07:34 PM