Businesses offer Ramadan gifts

A Dubai restaurant is giving away Dh50 and ice cream to labourers who are building a school nearby.

DUBAI // A fast-food restaurant that provided iftar meals over the past month to about 175 workers on a school building site in The Greens will today give away money and ice cream as Eid gifts.

Moti Roti, a Pakistani takeaway, began the initiative called "Fill a Blue Belly" to feed labourers in Ramadan on the Regent International School site.

"These workers are building a school for kids so they could save enough money to send their children to schools back home in Pakistan, India and other countries," said Tahir Shah, founder of Moti Roti.

The restaurant and other local businesses gave away more than 5,000 iftar meals in Ramadan.

Mr Shah said the restaurant would today hand Dh50 in an envelope to each worker. The money was raised from the community and local businesses in the company's 30-day iftar drive.

"We thought about sanitary items or phone cards," he said. "In the end, we thought cash was more useful to them."

A worker on the site said the money and the meals were welcome gifts.

"It was really good for workers when we got food," said Jitendra Patel, a foreman. "Usually during Ramadan people give us food and juice for some days, but never for the entire 30 days.

"If people give us even Dh10, it is good. Or even if they don't give money but appreciate our work, we are extremely happy."

Published: August 21, 2012 04:00 AM