Boy, 11, stabbed to death as gangs clash

An Emirati boy was left to die after being caught in a fight between two teenage groups.

DUBAI // An 11-year-old Emirati boy was stabbed 11 times and left to die after being caught in the middle of a melee between two groups of teenagers. Dubai Police are still searching for those involved in the fight in Al Rashidiya on Thursday. The police received a report at 9.30pm that a boy, later identified as HM, had been killed. The police said HM was not part of the two groups of teenagers, who were also Emirati, but happened to be in the same neighbourhood and somehow sustained 11 stab wounds, some to his chest and back.

A police officer who was near the scene rushed HM to hospital, but the boy died on the way. A police dog led officers to the knife that they believe was used in the attack. The weapon had been dropped in an alley some distance from the scene. Police believe the fight began after one group of teenagers, who had been racing in two four-wheel-drive vehicles, got into an argument with another group.

A witness told police that one youngster suddenly got out of a car and began chasing four boys from the other group. Those involved in the melee were estimated to be aged 15 and 16.