@Body-SubheadH&H:What residents say

@Body-SubheadNew:Ismail Kamis, UAE Life is beautiful in Burairat. Everyone is grand, every thing is here. We've been here for 24 years. Before there were not so many houses or stores but now there's roads, shops, schools and everything you need. @Body-SubheadNew:Salem Mubarak, UAE Burairat is so cool in winter because we're next to the mountains. The view becomes so amazing, so awesome. The whole area turns green. That's why I love Burairat.

@Body-SubheadNew:Philip Dale, UK It's close to town, to Carrefour, to Manar Mall, but it's a lot more spaced out. It's not massively built up. There's loads of stuff around but it's still secluded. The other thing is, I have an Emirati style house so I'm not hidden away from the rest of the world and living in a compound. It's a nice area. @Body-SubheadNew:Nathan Tolman, Canada The reason we stayed in the area is that we have no energy problems. At the time we moved in it was the only house with electricity supply and we were in a stable grid. I work with the HCT and I'm right across the road from the men's college.