Bikers hit the road to show love for UAE

Hundreds of people took to the open road and rode their bikes from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah to celebrate National Day on Friday.

Bikers taking a break midway into their Abu Dhabi to RAK ride to celebrate UAE National Day, on December 2, 2016. Duncan Chard for The National
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RAS AL KHAIMAH // Hundreds of Emirati and expatriate bikers from all seven emirates rode on Friday from the capital to RAK to mark the National and Commemoration days.

The unity rally set out to unite citizens and residents together as the unity of the UAE, said Emirati Mohamed Al Belooshi from RAK, the ride’s organiser from Emirates Riders group.

“We gathered to celebrate the two special occasions for the UAE, martyrs’ and National Day, and to show our love and patriotism to the UAE and its fallen soldiers.

“We moved from Abu Dhabi at 11am and passed by Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and UAQ and we stopped in RAK at 4pm. Riders from Fujairah also joined us,” the 39-year-old said.

The 250 bikers from various nationalities and ages grabbed the opportunity and used the event to thank the UAE for everything it had given them.

Jorge Muller, an American aviation engineer, said that he participated with Emirati bikers to show his love for the country that had given him great things.

“I think every expat living here has pride in the place where we live and work, so we have to celebrate with out Emirati brothers and sisters to show support for what they have done and given us,” said the 51-year-old, who has been in Abu Dhabi for four years.

Lacey Sloan, 59, said that riding with Emiratis on their National Day was an honour for her.

“I really love this country a lot. And to be able to ride alongside the Emirati bikers to me is quite an honour because this state has given me and my family everything,” said the American professor, who has lived in the capital for two years.

Tamara Poss, a Canadian faculty member at Higher Collages of Technology in Abu Dhabi for about two years, said that her participation in the rally was a sort of support and thank-you to the country.

“I feel very good in doing this for National Day. What amazed me is all the people all along the highway were supporting and taking pictures of us,” the 51-year-old said.

Josefa Wivou, a RAK resident from Australia, said his ride in the unity rally was to show his love for the country where he has been for 20 years.

“I do celebrate this special occasion every year and will keep doing it because the UAE means a lot to me. As well, this country deserves more from us because it has given us many great things,” the 59-year-old professor said.

Mohammed Awad Al Shamsi, an Emirati employee at Adnoc, said that his participation in the event was a simple thing to do to show his patriotism.

“I cannot describe my feeling, and I am ready to sacrifice my life for the UAE. Through the parade, I expressed my love to the UAE and raised and decorated my motorbike with the flag,” the 33-year-old said.