Dubai prisoner reunited with daughter for birthday surprise after six years apart

Police organise surprise visit at correctional facility

The father and daughter embrace after six years apart. Photo: Dubai Police
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An inmate at Dubai prison has been reunited with his daughter on her birthday after six years as part of a police programme aimed at improving prisoner welfare.

The daughter, whose nationality was not disclosed, arrived in the UAE with her family in search of employment.

Her father had been at Dubai Central Jail, under the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, for six years due to financial issues.

She made a call to Dubai Police asking to see her father on her birthday.

The force then set up a surprise birthday meeting between the two family members, Dubai Police announced in a press release on Sunday.

It is not clear when the reunion took place but the father had no prior knowledge of the surprise.

The daughter and her incarcerated father celebrated with a birthday cake. Photo: Dubai Police

"We received a call from the young woman soon after she arrived in the UAE," said Brig Marwan Abdulkarim Jalfar, director general of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, in a press release.

"She had not see her father since he left their homeland six years ago in search of employment."

During the reunion, the two family members embraced and celebrated by cutting a birthday cake.

"Unfortunately the father got entangled in financial issues, which led to his imprisonment," added Brig Marwan.

In a statement released by Dubai Police on Sunday, the force said the family was thankful, acknowledging its quick action and the collective efforts of its compassionate officers.

Dubai Police said it was an act that underlined the force's commitment to the welfare of its prisoners and their families.

In-person visits at Dubai prison have been suspended since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020.

However, the force considers legitimate applications from inmates and their families requesting to meet.

"Our primary concern has always been to maintain a safe, disease-free environment within the jail premises," said Brig Marwan. "However, such humanitarian initiatives are integral to the department's work."

Last year, the force arranged childcare for a woman who was jailed on charges of assault and failing to pay financial dues.

Dubai Police officers cared for the prisoner's children, whom she had tried to keep a secret from authorities for fear they would be taken into care and separated.

Brig Marwan said such schemes boosted prisoner welfare.

"These initiatives significantly impact inmates' well-being, encouraging them to make better choices in rehabilitation, training and employment," he said.

Updated: September 17, 2023, 10:51 AM