Day in the Life: The Dubai matchmaker using AI to help lonely hearts find love

Christiana Maxion sets up wealthy clients with romantic matches in the UAE and beyond

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'A Day in the Life' allows you to step into the shoes of a UAE resident to experience a typical 24 hours in their work and home life.

Professional matchmaker Christiana Maxion spends her days setting up wealthy clients with the women of their dreams.

Formerly in finance and a published children’s author, New Yorker Ms Maxion, 34, moved to Abu Dhabi in 2016 to teach before switching to Dubai in 2021 to become a certified dating coach and professional matchmaker.

Today, she works with more than 40,000 singles globally – 5,000 of whom are based in the GCC – recording a 96 per cent success rate with them, which according to Ms Maxion can mean anything from a successful first date or a relationship to marriage. Memberships cost anywhere between $30,000 and $150,000.

The entrepreneur is now working on the launch of her app, Maxion: Match & Meet, which will use an AI algorithm to connect like-minded singles in the UAE at a fee of Dh550 a month.

Here, she takes The National through a typical day juggling software and app development with makeovers and playing cupid.

A day in the life of a Dubai-based matchmaker

A day in the life of a Dubai-based matchmaker

7am: Seizing the day

Ms Maxion’s days are always busy and she rises early to process new client applications.

“I love giving dating advice and in Dubai we literally outsource everything, so why not your love life?” she says.

“In the UAE you can date the entire [world] map. We have every age, size, colour, religion, and that lets you really understand what you are attracted to in a partner rather than being confined to a more homogeneous town.”

Ms Maxion launched her business in October 2021, partnering with US-based Patti Stranger’s Millionaire’s Club and Cinqe Matchmaking six months later, extending her reach around the world.

“We’re the only agency to offer unlimited global matchmaking and often our billionaire and multimillionaire clientele are looking for partners in different parts of the world,” she says.

“We have an extensive database and recruitment system and we can definitely find you your partner. It might take more work but that's what we're here for.”

10am: The robot revolution

In October this year, Ms Maxion plans to launch her app, Maxion: Match & Meet, and mid-morning often involves meetings with software developers.

“I say it's the anti-dating app, it’s certainly not a swiping tool,” says Ms Maxion. “It’s more of an AI-powered social matchmaking concierge, not just for romantic connections but also for friendships.

“We will send users compatible profiles and then people can decide whether to meet up or not. Once it's a mutual match, we plan, book and confirm everything.”

The app is being developed to use an AI algorithm that learns all about the user and their preferences.

“We master compatibility on the user’s behalf so they can focus on forming a real connection,” says Ms Maxion.

“Building new relationships, whether platonic or romantic, can feel like a modern minefield. There is no doubt that people are craving companionship post-pandemic, yet [some are] still in need of a little help to make it happen.”

Noon: ‘The 360-elevation process’

Every day is different for Ms Maxion, although most afternoons are dedicated to client catch-ups.

“Some clients really liked the hands-on approach and when somebody needs improvement in their dating life, I enrol them in what I call the 360-elevation process,” she says.

“I have clients that I've sent to rapid transformational therapy, relationship therapists, dentists, nutritionists, stylists and personal trainers.

“A lot of my clients really enjoy the whole process because not only are they going on dates and meeting great women, but they’re also getting feedback on areas so that they can improve and attract their ideal partner.”

5pm: Finding the perfect gift

Often Ms Maxion’s clients like to lavish their dates with gifts, which she usually picks up from the mall.

“There’s no expense spared and a lot of men go down the jewellery route,” Ms Maxion says. “I enjoy choosing pieces that will make the women feel really special and it's helpful for the men to have a female eye.

“One of my favourite success stories is about an early client who feared he'd never find a partner but is now engaged to his perfect match,” she says.

“That's the reason I do what I do.”

8pm: Love is in the air

On the evening of a first date, Ms Maxion pulls out all the stops to make sure everything goes smoothly.

“We work with partner venues like Jun’s to create a really romantic set-up,” she says.

“I’m across every detail, from the vibe of the restaurant right down to the food and drinks.

“Some guys prefer a casual drink, others will only go to white tablecloth restaurants and lots of my younger clients choose places like Topgolf or Brass Monkey. It’s my job to make it perfect.”

As for Ms Maxion, who is single, finding love is further down the list of priorities.

“I have the matchmaking core business, my app launch and a new TV programme filming soon so there’s a lot of moving pieces at the moment,” she says.

“If I was to meet someone, he’d have to be at a similar point as I am, as a founder or a chief executive who understands the 24/7 grind.”

Updated: November 10, 2023, 12:22 PM