Revealed: what are the mystery objects lighting up Dubai's skies?

Bright lights captured by residents have been subject of much speculation

Dubai has unravelled the mystery behind flying objects lighting up the sky in recent weeks. Photo: Dubai Media Office
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Mysterious objects spotted streaking across the skies of Dubai have sparked fevered speculation among residents in recent weeks.

Several videos have been posted on social media capturing the dazzling flashes.

Puzzled stargazers were quick to offer their views on precisely what the unidentified flying objects could be, from striking meteor showers to space junk — or even something even more out of this world.

There have been viral videos in the past in other parts of the world that showed satellites, including SpaceX's Starlink satellites, streaking across the night skies as they burn up.

Dubai Bling star and radio presenter Kris Fade posted a video on Instagram this month, asking: "Is this a meteor shower or something else?"

Now, Dubai Media Office has laid the debate to rest by revealing exactly what has been going high above.

For those hoping for an extraordinary celestial event or even an alien invasion, the answer may be a little disappointing but is far from mundane.

It turns out that Skydive Dubai has soared into the record books with the highest altitude skydiving firework display, from a staggering 5,150 metres above ground.

"Over the last few weeks, highly skilled skydivers shot across Dubai's night sky, enthralling onlookers with scintillating pyrotechnic skydiving displays," Dubai Media Office said on Twitter.

There will be a whole host of stunning firework displays to come as the UAE prepares to ring in the New Year.

But this fantastic feat will be tough to eclipse.

Updated: December 22, 2022, 4:46 PM