UAE weather: warning of wind and rain at the weekend

Downpours could hit the eastern and southern parts of the country, forecasters say

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Parts of the UAE could be in for another bout of unsettled weather at the weekend, forecasters have said.

The National Centre of Meteorology on Wednesday said a low-pressure system could bring rainfall to eastern and southern parts of the country by Saturday.

It said downpours could be accompanied by strong winds of up to 40 kilometres an hour that may kick up dust clouds.

“There will be a chance of rain formation in some parts of the east and south on Saturday and Sunday,” a forecaster from the NCM told The National.

“There is a low-pressure system with humid air from the Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea coming towards our area," he said. “We expect some moderate to heavy rain.”

The NCM said it did not expect the downpours at the weekend to be as intense as July's deluge but it was still studying the outlook into next week.

Ncema, the UAE's National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, also warned residents about the potential for rain into next week, posting a notification on social media for the public to be aware.

The authorities remain on alert after deadly flash floods hit the eastern UAE last month.

Seven people died and more than 800 were rescued after torrential downpours caused flooding across the northern and eastern coasts.

Volunteer groups, such as one from Aster DM Healthcare, also helped with the clean-up.

Many people in Fujairah and Sharjah said it was the worst flooding they had ever seen, with floodwaters swamping their homes within minutes, forcing them to flee.

The NCM said it was the wettest July in decades.

Updated: August 10, 2022, 8:45 AM