Rescuers search for permanent home for dog found barely alive by roadside

Vets say Jenny could not move and had been eating sand when picked up last June at an industrial site in Fujairah

Animal rescuers are seeking a loving home for an abandoned dog discovered almost dead at an industrial site in Fujairah.

Vets think Jenny, believed to be about 10, had been lying by the roadside for about a week when she was picked up last June.

Michelle Francis, founder of non-profit animal welfare group Animals and Us, said the dog was barely alive — extremely dehydrated and unable to move — when they found her.

An X-ray revealed she had been shot and had a pellet lodged in her spine.

Ms Francis said they are looking to rehome Jenny, who has now recovered from the ordeal, with a caring owner.

“We thought she was dead at first but we felt her heartbeat and could see her tummy moving,” said Ms Francis.

“It was about a week [before we found her]. She had been lying like that because she had eaten sand for several days. Her mouth was full of sand. She was so dehydrated.”

Now recovered from her ordeal, Animals and Us is looking to rehome Jenny with a caring owner. Photo: Michelle Francis

Ms Francis took her to the vet, who operated to remove the pellet, treated a large mass that was protruding from her bottom and slowly nursed her back to health.

The vet said there were signs she had recently given birth, but her puppies were nowhere to be seen at the industrial site where she was found.

After several months, Jenny moved in with a foster carer and is learning to trust again, but remains emotionally scarred by her experience and is afraid of people.

“She is very scared and shy,” said Ms Francis.

However, she has also made a lot of progress, and now sits with her foster family on the sofa at times.

Ms Francis made a video to help find Jenny a permanent home, but after more than 2,000 views no one came forward.

She said the fact she is an older dog may be a factor.

However, Animals and Us is ready to take on the costs of any treatments related to her injuries.

“Jenny may be about 10 or 11 years old and she may live up to 15 or 16,” Ms Francis said.

“People get worried about taking on older dogs. If there is any medical assistance required because of whatever happened to her, we are ready to take over the costs.”

Ms Francis recently told The National she was unable to take in any more cats or dogs, following a sharp increase in strays and abandoned pets.

In the 16 years she has run the group, Ms Francis says it has never been as busy as now.

She said Animals and Us would like to take in more animals, but had to be realistic about the numbers they could care for.

Updated: May 05, 2022, 5:49 AM