Could this be Dubai in 2071? Video of flying cars and space rockets goes viral

Museum of the Future display shows how the future could look

A fascinating glimpse into what may be in store for Dubai in 2071 has proven a huge social media hit.

Footage from a display at the recently-opened Museum of the Future shows drone-like vehicles filling the skies, a superfast hyperloop speeding through a tunnel on Sheikh Zayed Road and rockets being blasted into space.

A short recording of the impressive video by a TikTok user has already racked up more than two million views.

The display is part of the Heal Institute exhibition in the museum, which shows a vision of the future of Dubai’s urban landscape on a video screen.

The future of biodiversity and health spas are also part of the exhibition.

The museum, which opened on February 22, uses technology in remarkable ways, including screens with impressive graphics of a rocket launch and a DNA library that features more than 4,500 species.

One of the first exhibitions involves boarding a spacecraft named Hope, after the UAE’s Mars orbiter, and launching to the OSS Hope space station 600 kilometres above Earth.

Visitors are taken inside a room with metal walls, designed to look like a spacecraft, with screens all around that act as windows to show the stunning views during lift-off.

Updated: March 18, 2022, 12:28 PM