Dubai security guards recognised after saving workers' lives

The men were found in a semi-conscious state after inhaling toxic gas

Muhammed Zubair, Richard Estebat and and Muhammad Iftikhar receive certificates of appreciation from Transguard.

Three security guards saved two workers in Dubai after they were found in a semi-conscious state in an industrial water tank.

The quick thinking of Muhammed Zubair and Muhammad Iftikhar from Pakistan, and Richard Estebat from the Philippines, meant they were able to free the men from the tank in time for them to receive urgent medical treatment.

The incident happened at a tourist attraction in Dubai. The company would not state which.

The workers were investigating the source of a strange smell coming from the empty tank.

Because there [were] human beings in the tank, I felt that if I didn’t go inside they could die within minutes
Muhammad Iftikhar, security guard

Realising that the pair had got into difficulties, the trio called for medical assistance before Mr Iftikhar and Mr Estebat entered the large water tank, wearing masks, to rescue them.

“Because there [were] human beings in the tank, I felt that if I didn’t go inside they could die within minutes,” said Mr Iftikhar.

“I wore two masks and went in the tank and with Richard’s help I got them out.”

An investigation by local authorities revealed the tank contained toxic gas. Immediate treatment by paramedics was provided to the contractors as well as the security guards, both on-site and later at a medical facility.

The three men, who work for Transguard, were later honoured by their company and each received a cash reward and certificate of appreciation in recognition of their heroic efforts.

“We are extremely proud of these three men for their timely display of courage in an extraordinary situation,” said Greg Ward, managing director at Transguard Group.

Speaking after the incident, the men said it was an automatic reaction to help the men in need, as it was their duty as security guards.

“We helped the two people there because as a security [guard] we need to secure the lives of people, so we just did our best,” said Mr Estebat.

Updated: January 24, 2022, 1:04 PM