Parts of UAE hit by heavy rain, hail and sandstorms

Weather alert issued over hazardous conditions across the Emirates

A weather alert was issued as parts of the UAE were lashed with rain, hail, high winds and sandstorms.

Members of the public battled hazardous conditions on Monday as storms swept in and pools of water formed on road surfaces after heavy downpours.

The National Centre of Meteorology gave a "hazardous weather events" warning during the afternoon in a notice posted on social media.

It forecast rainfall and dusty conditions from the sandstorms until the early evening.

Rain was reported all over the Emirates, including in the Hatta area of Dubai, Fujairah and Sharjah.

Footage of wadis flowing with water from rain and hail was posted by the NCM.

The weather centre urged motorists to take care on the roads with storms causing low visibiliy.

Video also showed a tree uprooted in Dubai, as the emirate was blasted by strong winds.

The wet weather comes after a particularly dry period across the country.

President Sheikh Khalifa called for prayers for rain to be held on Friday.

Sheikh Khalifa said the prayers, known as Salaat Al Istisqaa, should be performed in all mosques across the country.

He asked people to pray to Allah to bless the nation with rain and mercy, in accordance with the Prophet Mohammed’s sunnah, 10 minutes before Friday prayers.

Salaat Al Istisqaa is also observed in other Gulf countries.

When rainfall is delayed, the leader of a state must issue an order for the prayers to be performed, according to the sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed.

Updated: November 8th 2021, 1:01 PM