Couple arrested in UAE over indecent SnapChat video

Public Federal Prosecution for Cybersecurity Crimes says the video is against public morals

A man and a woman have been arrested for allegedly sharing an indecent video of themselves on social media.

The UAE's Public Federal Prosecution for Cybersecurity Crimes said it ordered the arrests after a video clip on Snapchat flouted the country’s public decency rules.

Authorities said the video contained words and actions that were against public morals.

It was not stated when the incident occurred, but the post was seen by investigators who then submitted a report to the UAE Attorney General.

Further investigations helped to identify the owner of the Snapchat account and the couple in the video was arrested.

It is understood they are still being questioned by prosecutors.

“Laws and regulations of the country protect public morals and UAE society’s moral heritage and present strict penalties against violators,” said Dr Hamad Al Shamsi, the country’s attorney general.

He urged citizens and residents to respect the social values of the UAE.

Updated: October 28th 2021, 9:03 AM