Media professional faces jail for disorderly conduct ahead of sports broadcast

Three people were arrested after footage of the crimes was circulated online

The UAE's Public Federal Prosecution for Cybersecurity Crimes has ordered the detention of a person working in the media after they were deemed to have violated public morals, harmed public interest and provoked hate speech.

Two other people involved were released on bail after further investigation.

The disorderly conduct occurred ahead of a football match between the UAE and Iraq national teams last week due to be broadcast on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, according to news agency Wam.

Before going live on air, the person was found to have committed crimes that are punishable by imprisonment for at least five years, and a fine of no less than Dh50,000 and no more than Dh500,000.

The Public Prosecution received a complaint from Abu Dhabi Media against three people after audio and video clips were circulated on social media of them making comments as technical equipment was being tested.

Clips of the conversation were taken when the footage being transmitted between the production vehicle at the remote studio and the control room was hacked. They were then published online.

An investigation was launched and the accused was charged with committing these crimes.

The Public Prosecutor has asked the people responsible at the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel and its programmes to complete investigations.

Technical authorities responsible at the time have been tasked with finding out how the clips were acquired and released on to social media.

Three people were fired by Abu Dhabi Media for violating the media code of honour, ethics of the media profession and their duties.

The Public Prosecutor is following up on the investigations.

Updated: October 22nd 2021, 12:34 PM