Ten-year jail term in Dubai and Dh50,000 fine for woman who smuggled cocaine

Airport officials found the drug hidden inside the woman’s bag on February 14

A Brazilian woman has been sentenced to 10 years in jail and fined Dh50,000 for smuggling drugs into the UAE.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the drug was found in the woman’s luggage on February 14 after she landed at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3.

“My colleagues at the internal customs section suspected there was something illegal in her luggage,” the Emirati customs inspector said.

“When her bag arrived at the luggage inspection area, she was first asked if there was anything she wanted to declare, but she said no.”

Customs officers found eight grams of the drug hidden inside her bag.

The woman then said she carried the drug to deliver to a man in Dubai for $5,000.

“I asked her if she was aware of the nature of the substance she was carrying and she said yes,” the customs officer said.

In court, she denied a charge of smuggling drugs.

On Monday, she was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in jail, followed by deportation.

She can appeal against her prison sentence within two weeks.

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Updated: August 15th 2021, 12:03 PM