More than 700 drivers in Abu Dhabi fined Dh2,000 each for driving noisy cars

The motorists also received 12 black points each for reckless driving and disturbing others

More than 700 motorists in Abu Dhabi have been fined Dh2,000 each for driving too noisily.

They were penalised between January and June this year.

The 770 drivers had driven recklessly and caused disturbance to others, Abu Dhabi Police said in a statement.

They also received 12 black points each. When a driver accumulates 24 black points, his or her licence is confiscated temporarily.

In a video posted by the force on social media, an SUV’s engine is heard making a loud noise as it backfires.

The car is then chased by a police vehicle.

A noisy vehicle “causes panic, startles and angers other drivers and road users and residents of the areas that such vehicles drive through ... especially to children and the elderly,” the statement said.

The police urged residents to report such incidents by calling 999, especially if the drivers were making noise deliberately.

Updated: August 2nd 2021, 8:55 AM