Chris Eubank pays emotional tribute to son who died in Dubai

Former world boxing champion thanks Dubai Police for 'thorough and expedient investigation'

Former world boxing champion Chris Eubank has paid an emotional tribute to his son who died in Dubai last week, sharing a video of the family in happier times.

Sebastian Eubank, a boxer and MMA fighter, died after suffering a “massive heart attack” last Wednesday on Cove Beach, only one month after becoming a father.

A post-mortem examination revealed he had a pre-existing heart condition, which was not previously known.

The former boxer shared a video on Twitter of Sebastian with his family when he was a child.

The tribute, which is set to haunting music, includes images of Sebastian with his father and siblings and footage from his childhood.

In one scene, Chris Eubank is seen jokingly holding his young son in a chokehold, asking him to tell everyone how much he loves him.

“My son was laid to rest on Friday in Dubai after dying from a heart attack last Wednesday, ” Eubank wrote on Twitter.

“He lived there with his wife Salma & their 1 month old son, Raheem.

“We thank the Dubai Police for a thorough & expedient investigation & for making his burial swift.”

His widow, Salma Abdelati, said in a statement released last week that Dubai Police and the coroner confirmed that Sebastian died of a “massive heart attack while in the sea, and probably could not have been saved even if out of the water”.

“While still very painful, it is of some comfort that Sebastian died after having one of his favourite meals with one of his closest friends whilst doing his favourite thing at his favourite place in Dubai where he often went to swim.

“He was standing in the water close to shore watching the sunset at Cove Beach in Dubai.

“I am grateful that he was able to spend a few short and happy weeks with his son before his death,” she added.

He died 11 days before his 30th birthday.

Sebastian followed his father and elder brother, also Chris, into boxing and was an accomplished mixed martial artist.

He made a winning debut in the UAE Warriors 10 at the Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi in February and was set to return in the promotion’s next event in September.

Updated: July 19th 2021, 1:15 PM