$300-million VIP private jet to fly billionaire travellers and their luxury motorbikes

The Adventure Lounge is the latest addition to the Explorer by Lufthansa Technik, a jet that's billed as a superyacht in the sky

The Explorer Brabus Adventure Lounge is part of the new design of the VIP A330 private jets. Photo: Lufthansa Technik
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Billionaire travellers will soon be able to jet off to their next destination alongside their luxury motorbikes, thanks to a new aircraft cabin design from Lufthansa Technik.

The latest addition to the Explorer concept from one of the world’s leading specialists in private jet designs is the Brabus Adventure Lounge.

Located in the rear part of the lower deck of the cabin on the $300-million wide-body A330 aircraft, the sleek vehicle lounge is a plush garage where passengers can park their motorbikes.

The Explorer design features the strictly limited edition Brabus 1300R. Photo: Lufthansa Technik

Similar to a tender garage found on luxury superyachts, the concept allows ultra-rich travellers to bring their two-wheelers with them when they fly, so that they are primed for on-land discovery tours after landing in their destination.

And for those who don't have their own bikes, not to worry.

The all-new design also features a limited edition Brabus 1300 R motorcycle, created in collaboration with KTM, one of the best known high-performance street and off-road sport motorcycle manufacturers in Europe.

The widebody A330 Explorer concept also has an open-air sundeck, virtual ceilings and a dancefloor. Photo: Lufthansa Technik

With sleek red, black and grey interiors, illuminated panelling and parking for more than one motorbike, the customisable lounge can also be expanded to include an area for servicing the vehicles.

Passengers flying on the specially converted Airbus jets will be able to easily access the lounge from the main deck of the aircraft via a black staircase.

The VIP private jet is billed as a superyacht or a flying hotel with lavish cabins and customisable designs. Photo: Lufthansa Technik

“In addition to the floor extending from the front fuselage area to form a veranda and the projection surfaces for virtual content integrated on a large scale in the cabin design, the Brabus Adventure Lounge perfectly rounds off our concept for world explorers,” said Jan Grube, sales director at Lufthansa Technik's VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services.

A superyacht in the sky

The VIP cabin concept was originally unveiled at the Dubai Airshow last year and comes with its own dance floor and open-air sundeck.

It's designed to replicate the concept of a superyacht for billionaire travellers who could use it to fly around the globe in their customised airborne suite, and have everything they need right at hand once they land in their private jet base.

Lufthansa Technik said guests will be able to take all their special equipment with them, “no matter if it is a car, off-road vehicle, wing suite, wine cellar, exploration laboratory or even an emergency medical room”.

The original designs for the Explorer are based on plans for eight to 12 passengers, but the mammoth cabin size of the A330 twin-engined aircraft means there’s plenty of space for additional lavish cabins if desired.

Updated: May 20, 2022, 10:42 AM