The National Sport's favourite things this week

A new Premier League season brings a brand new Match of the Day theme intro. The BBC have outdone themselves this year with their annual montage which features a composition of old and new players on the pitch together. George Best crossing for Eric Cantona's brilliant dink is a particular joy. Or indeed, a rasping shot from Steven Gerrard forcing a sprightly Neville Southall into an acrobatic save.

2. Dad catches a foul ball while holding a baby at Cubs game

The Major League Baseball has been under fire in recent months for fan safety when a homer or a foul ball gets sent into the stands .

There is a happy ending this time with a  fan in the stands nonchalantly catches a foul ball in the Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs game one handed with a baby tucked up in the other.

3. Bleacher Report's 50 most intimidating NBA stars

Jesse Dorsey lists a half century of basketball stars and coaches, who probably won't keep you up all night sweating (well may be Dennis Rodman), but the some pretty mean guys out on court.

4. Edgbaston usually makes the right noises where England are concerned

The Guardian's Rob Bagchi on why this ground is easily most of England player's favourites.

5. Audi factory driver Mike Rockenfeller on his Le Mans crash

Autosport interview the driver after his terrifying crash at the 24hr race in June. (Subscription required)

Published: August 14, 2011 04:00 AM